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Acting for the Trustees of the Peelings Estate we successfully gained consent for around 95 homes on our clients land.

This followed the strategic promotion of our client’s site through the emerging Wealden District Council development plan. For several years the promotion of the site for housing development was not successful received by the Council. To overcome this we carefully assessed the characteristics of the area and made focussed and positive representations to the Council. We attended the Councils Core Strategy Examination to promote the credentials of the site to the planning authority and regularly lobbied Council officers.

As a result of our promotion of the site and following discussions with Council Officers the site was given a draft allocation for housing development. This Council support us to work with neighbouring landowners whose sites had long been proposed for housing development by the Council. This work lead to a collaboration with a local developer who was already working on a planning application on adjacent land. As a result our client’s site was included in the planning application submitted by the developer along with three adjacent sites. We assisted our client and the developer putting together a team to deliver the development, with pre application consultation and strategic advice during the planning application. Following successful pre application consultation with the Council the application was submitted and approved by the Councils Planning Committee.

The opportunity to submit a planning application allowed our client to gain planning consent before the Councils development plan was adopted. This avoiding the danger of losing the allocation at the development plan examination, and meant that our client was faster in taking the site to the market for sale.