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We are pleased to have secured the redevelopment of a derelict barn and house in Suffolk for six new homes. The house was a non-designated heritage asset. However, previous owners had caused the property to deteriorate with ill advised repairs and alterations. The site included a large former cattle barn. The site had lain unused for several years defeating two previous developers who had tried to deliver new homes on the site. A careful assessment of the site’s heritage and detailed discussions with the Planning Authority led to agreement that the house could be replaced. Once the demolition of the house was agreed, it opened the way to a comprehensive redevelopment of the house and the barn. Plans were prepared for a six home scheme creating a courtyard on the site of the barn and house. We were supported by a range of consultants addressing heritage, ground conditions, ecology, and trees. The application was approved locally and allows the development of high quality homes in an attractive rural area.