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We were pleased to assist a prominent Stud in Newmarket with securing permission for the development of four homes for equine workers on their Stud.  The Stud urgently needed permanent homes for its staff. The planning application needed a clear and convincing ‘Functional and Financial Need and Viability Assessment’ to allow the Council to recommend approval for the scheme.  We were asked to provide the detailed ‘Need and Viability’ case for the dwellings in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework. 

The Stud already had four caravans on the site, and we presented the need case to replace these with permeant accommodation which would meet the needs of the enterprise for the long term.  The site benefitted from historic consent for permanent dwellings for workers at the Stud, which lapsed more than 15 years ago. The Council required the ‘Need and Viability’ case to be reassessed in the light of the current needs of the business.  We were able to do this, demonstrating soundly that a need for these dwellings remained and was now more urgent than it had been previously.  We made clear how the new dwellings would strengthen the business and could be delivered without any harm to the character of the area.

With our support, planning officers were willing to lend their support to the scheme, as the evidence clearly lined up in favour of approving the proposals and securing the long term operational success of the Stud.  We were thrilled to support this project and we delighted that consent was gained this May.