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We are have recently completed 2 applications for new homes alongside the attractive Driffield Navigation in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The area is an important historic part of the town being a Conservation Area with listed buildings and even a listed crane (pictured). The site, which fronts the Navigation site, was an old Council depot next to an industrial estate with a sewerage works to the south. It had defied efforts to regenerate it before with applications for housing turned down because of the loss of employment land, and the danger of odour from the sewerage works. The site had planning consent approved for industrial use but no development took place.

We submitted 2 applications for residential use on different parts of the site. It was a challenging application overcoming the Councils concerns about losing the site to employment uses, which we countered by assessing the availability of employment land in the area. There were significant concerns over noise and odour from surrounding uses, so careful on-site testing was carried out to demonstrate that neither issue was a problem. We are finding that some Councils want more detailed professional assessments for applications in sensitive areas so we work with a range of experienced consultants to address these issues. Their help meant that we could overcome the historic refusals and gain planning consent for our client.