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A few years ago the Government introduced a type of planning application called Permission in Principle. This is a simplified planning application that allows the principle of development to be sought without the need to do much of the supporting work that is normally required for outline or full planning applications. We were approached by a client several years ago who had been struggling to gain planning permission on a site in Wealden District near the town of Rotherfield. We were not able to offer a realistic prospect of success with a planning application for housing for several years. The Council’s lack of a housing supply created an opportunity to make a planning application at the end of last year. Historic work with the Parish Council ensured their support. However the application was still not certain to succeed. Discussions with the Planning Authority established that a Permission in Principle would be acceptable and the application was duly submitted and approved. This has created value from the site for the owner after 20 years of trying. The Permission in Principle provides a sound basis to invest in and apply for a detailed planning consent that will make the site attractive to a house builder. Importantly, the permission was achieved at a minimal cost, keeping the risk for our client low.