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May has been a busy month with approvals for residential, leisure, agricultural and equestrian applications. The most satisfying approval was in Mid Suffolk. We were approached by a landowner following the refusal of planning permission for a single house for numerous reasons including the principle of development, design, adverse impact on a listed building and landscape impact among others. We were asked to appeal the decision. After assessing the reasons for refusal we assembled an excellent team of specialist consultants including an experienced architect, ecologist and historian. We carefully considered the site prospects and the planning policy. The upshot of this was that we decided to prepare a new application for two homes as this would maximise the value for the client. Good discussions with Planning and Conservation Officers secured support for the application for two homes with recognition that it was a good solution for the site and overcame all the site constraints. This approach more than doubled the value for the client and significantly improved the viability of the site for a developer. Key to achieving this was being able to select a good team for the job that worked positively and pressed for the best solution for the client. We work with a wide range of committed consultants and this allows us to tailor solutions to client needs.